The Big Sports Diary is the perfect corporate gift for sports fans. Bound with a high quality finish and embossed with your logo, you’ll remain top of mind with potential clients because it’s the one corporate gift that’s likely to be looked at 365 days of the year.


Every page of The Big Sports Diary shows what’s going on in the world of sport. All major sports are included, such as Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Golf and Formula One. Using The Big Sports Diary, your clients will be able to plan their schedule around key sporting events both at home and abroad.


Your clients will be entertained and able to entertain others with sporting facts and trivia on every page of The Big Sports Diary. All good sports fans like to test their knowledge of their favourite subject and they’ll thank you for providing them with key insights about their sporting heroes that they never knew.


As well as being the perfect gift for sports fans, The Big Sports Diary is the one corporate gift that really can generate a return on investment. With an inbuilt QR reader on every diary page, your clients can scan the page and be taken straight to your app or website, which makes it ideal for companies such as bookmakers, sports retailers and anyone with sports fans in their client base.

“I love it. I always keep my diary with me and as a huge sports fan, it’s the perfect diary for me!”Matt Frost

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